Digital Forensics with Years of
Law Enforcement Experience

Computer forensics and ediscovery for civil service, legal, corporate and private clients

Digital evidence collection and analysis through digital forensics techniques requires skill, experience and persistence. Deltan Data Recovery Services brings our law enforcement career expertise to work for you – whether conducting ediscovery, employee investigation, Intellectual Property Protection (IPP), mobile forensics, video forensics, audio enhancement or any digital investigation services your legal team or corporation needs.

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Professional Services we provide include:

  • ediscovery
  • Employee Investigation
  • Mobile forensics
  • IPP (Intellectual Property Protection)
  • Data Exfiltration Analysis
  • Video forensics
  • Audio Forensics
  • Expert Witness

What is computer forensics

Using legally mandated techniques, computer forensics investigators seek to identify, preserve, collect, process and review digital evidence to build a criminal case or investigate unlawful activity. For the corporate client, this may include uncovering employee theft or misconduct, and may involve data exfiltration analysis to protect intellectual property or trade secrets. In criminal cases, a computer forensics investigator may conduct a full digital investigation or be called in afterward for forensic analysis as an expert witness.

Deltan Data Recovery Services consults at any phase of a digital forensics investigation.

Having successfully investigated and testified in over 500 cases as County Investigator for the Middlesex County NJ Prosecutors Office, Deltan’s president and chief consultant, Gary Charydczak, has the valuable digital forensics experience, credentials, and knowledge of the law and legal proceedings to best serve your case. Considerations such as Chain of Custody and discreet evidence collection are paramount to a thorough digital investigation. Trust Deltan to find usable data, analyze digital evidence, and provide valuable expert witness testimony to solidify your case.

We also employ state-of-the-art technology to crack password protected files, enhance audio/video files and get to the bottom of threats to your business, legal case, or personal safety.