Disk Image Services for Business

Cloning drives for streamlined system recovery.

Creating a thorough disk image is essential to any disaster recovery plan. In the event of system failure or corruption, the hard disk image provided by Deltan Data Recovery Services puts you in control of your digital information, preventing catastrophic data loss and interruption of business.

More than a drive backup, the process to image or clone drives requires precise, expert and meticulous service by an experienced professional. Deltan consultants have worked in data recovery, digital forensics and drive imaging for decades – we’re the consultants you can trust with your business’s proprietary data and the hard drive imaging to keep your company running, even in disaster recovery scenarios.

Deltan’s drive imaging and cloning service includes
system components that your drive backup does not.

Think about the consequences if your business loses these:

  • Files with naming or copy protection issues
  • Security attributes
  • Hard drives
  • Locked files
  • Boot information
  • Operating system settings

Don’t risk your business information systems – trust Deltan to create a thorough disk image now to prevent major losses later.

In the event of data loss due to operating system failure, virus, hardware failure, human error or natural disaster, your drive image will be a lifesaver for business continuation – but only if you have an accurate and complete drive copy.

Deltan Data Recovery Services, based in NJ, provides the expertise your business deserves. From a background in law enforcement, we tackle cloning drives with utmost respect for the sensitive nature of your business data, as well as years of working with complex systems on all platforms.

With Deltan, you get more than a hard drive image – you get peace of mind.